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A Unique Blend of  History and Tradition

When Henri Richard founded Cafés Richard, he did so with a vision of creating exquisite blends of exceptional quality that would become renowned throughout the cafés of Paris. He would never have imagined just how successful his coffee roasting business would become. Having been in the wine trade as a producer and negociante since 1892, Henri Richard had an instinctive understanding of quality, and the challenges facing cafe and restaurant owners. The success of Cafés Richard today is testimony to his vision. His philosophy of "exceptional quality of all things" remains the guiding principle of our business to this day and one of which we are justly proud.

Today, Cafés Richard is a modern, fast growing company, employing the most technologically advanced coffee roasting techniques in a state of the art factory in Paris, France.

Dedicated solely to the supply of cafés, hotels and restaurants, Cafés Richard has grown to become France's leading roaster, with nearly 7,000 tons of coffee each year.

Every day, millions of coffee lovers enjoy the distinct pleasure and renowned quality of Cafés Richard. Grand Cru Coffees is proud to offer to the US market for the first time this magnificent line of coffee to the most passionate coffee lovers. Now you to can bring this passion of French Touch, French Taste, into your everyday life. 

Look for Cafés Richard at all better Restaurants, Hotels, Cafés and Gourmet Shops.

The roasted coffee is a fragile product.Store the coffee in its packing of origin safe from heat, the light and moisture.

Water is a paramount element of the quality of a coffee. According to the quality of the water of your area, an automatic softener is almost always essential at the time of the installation.


For a perfect espresso it is necessary:
  • Grains protected from the air, moisture and sun
  • 7 coffee Grs coldly ground with a perfect grinding
  • A packing while turning on an already equalized surface
  • 7 purified water Cl, at a temperature of 85 with 90°C
  • 9 Bars of pressure
  • 25 Seconds of extraction
  • A clean and well maintained machine.
Vintage Origins
  • Central & South America–(Brazil & Colombia)
  • Africa–(Ethiopia & Kenya)
  • Indonesia
  • Classification Depends on Precise Criteria
    • Botanical Species & Altitude
    • Harvest & Treatment
      • Pure Origins Are Typified

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The Delicate Roasting Process

  • Heat Gives Rise to Aromatic Substances
    • 7/100 to Compose Volatile Flavors
  • Intense Roasting –7 to 8 Minutes
    • Heat the Grains in Hearth 
    • Extract All Flavors
  • Traditional Roasting –15 Minutes
    • Releases Savors Gradually


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